Charity Vintage Fashion Show….

Currently organising a Charity Vintage Fashion Show in March 2014, I’m looking for some exciting raffle or raffle like fundraising ideas, can anyone help me?

I already have a normal raffle (if anything can be normal in my life).
50/50 Raffle
Reverse Raffle
Silent Auction.

Any ideas please post them on here for me, and I will give you the hilarious day to day planning events, I could right a book, never mind a blog…..


2 thoughts on “Charity Vintage Fashion Show….

  1. You could do a clothes swap, charge people a few pounds to get in then then bring their clothes and each item is given a points value and can be traded with other things people bring. So if someone brings a dress and gets 10 points they can trade it for maybe two tops for 5 points each etc

  2. Hey what a fantastic idea, I am doing a Vintage Fair on Sunday 23rd February also in aid of Cancer Research UK, I may do it there instead, it will attract more customers and will stop any confusion with clothes on the night of The Vintage Fashion Show.

    Who allocates the numbers that each item is worth?

    Thank You for your help too….

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